NmapFE for OSX
version 0.80

What is NmapFE?
NmapFE is a Cocoa frontend for the popular Nmap port-scanning software written in Objective-C.

It can also be useful as a "teaching tool" since it shows the user how to construct a complex Nmap command line based on their choices, and provides background information (via tooltips) on what the different choices mean.


NmapFE frontend NmapFE frontend showing tooltip NmapFE scan results window

NmapFE for OSX version 0.80, .tgz, 371Kb, 9/16/03

How does this Nmap thingie work?
If you are familiar with Nmap, the Cocoa frontend should require no explanation. If you are not familiar with Nmap, I suggest reading through the documentation located at the website @ <http://insecure.org/nmap>.

Who developed Nmap?
Nmap is an open source tool maintained by Fyodor. The source for the command line program will compile cleanly on MacOSX/Darwin with no modifications for those who wish to do so. For more information see <http://insecure.org/nmap>.

Who developed NmapFE for OSX?
NmapFE is currently developed by Matthew Rothenberg. It is an open source project and contributors are encouraged to check out the source code via CVS.

NmapFE for OSX is released under the GPL and will always be free.

What's with the root access?
Nearly all of the useful options in Nmap require raw sockets. This requires root in OSX. The entire frontend is run as root rather than just the nmap subprocess for a number of technical reasons, most notably the fact that the current implementation of authenticated subtasks in Cocoa is pretty bad, and would result in you not being able to view the results of a scan in realtime, rather you would have to wait until the completion of the scan. When scanning very large subnets, this could be a very very long time.

Known bugs:
None at this time. (Send them in!)

Version history:


0.70: 0.6x:


Ideas/bugs reports :
Send an email to mroth at cat dot nyu dot edu.

Or check out the SourceForge project page.

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